Lemon Curd Matcha Cake


Y’all must know by now how I can’t resist helping with parties, especially showers. Last month Cheryl and I threw a joint baby shower for two of our friends expecting within a month of each other, and it turned out to be simple get-together sharing small bites among good company. Cheryl’s DIY decorations were a lovely touch for the relaxed event, and she’s posted tips on making floral arrangements like the ones seen here.

Originally I planned on purchasing all the food for the shower, but my hands itched to make something, and I gave in. I based this cake off a recipe I found on the back of a box of cake flour my mother-in-law gave me to try, and the lemon and matcha pairing was inspired by the mothers-to-be. Both May and Tina love matcha flavored desserts, and Tina is a huge fan of the color yellow. Remember her sunny bridal shower? Can’t believe that was already two years ago!

So how did the cake turn out? I’m typically extremely critical of my own baked goods, but this cake I loved. Between its fluffy texture and the marriage of flavors, it’s a definite keeper of a recipe. Well, except for the chunky frosting (notes on the frosting below say that it will appear curdled if there’s not enough butter), the cake still tasted great.

Congratulations to all our friends having babies! Among our friends, it feels like we’ve been averaging a birth a week! It’s such an exciting time, and it’s so much fun seeing your families grow.

p.s. And Happy Anniversary to my dear husband Tim. Four years ago, we shared a matcha cake similar to this one, and to this date, that day is still the best day of my life. I love you!

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Matcha Loaf


When I start to bake with matcha, I keep going. I did a Matcha Month series a few years ago, and I continue to think up more ways to incorporate matcha into my baking. I wasn’t intending this month to be a repeat of that series, but after last week’s cake, I wanted to try again for a moist matcha cake.

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Thoughts on Matcha Cake


The matcha cake from the other day? Surprisingly good. Now, I don’t intentionally downplay my desserts, but there were a couple of things that made me nervous about this cake.

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Matcha Birthday Cake


If you had Monday observed for Columbus Day (lucky you), you may (or may not) know that today, October 12, was the original Columbus Day which also happens to be my birthday!

I wanted to make my own birthday cake this year, so that’s exactly what I did.

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Lazy Lavender Loaf

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I’m celebrating Father’s Day by writing this post for both my dad and my father-in-law. I’ve mentioned before how lucky I am to have two wonderful mothers, and in line with that thought, I’m just as proud to have two outstanding fathers.

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