Black Sesame Spritz Cookies


Spritz cookies are fit for all occasions. Be it for weddings, birthdays or any other day, I love making cookies with my dear cookie press. But in reality, I haven’t touched this cookie press in over three years. And maybe I was just rusty, but initially, making these spritz cookies was as hard as making macarons!

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Cheryl’s Bridal Shower


Blogging philosophical question of the day: if something happened over a year ago, am I still allowed to post it?

I’m not sure about you, but if it’s still relevant, why not? So what Cheryl and Joe were married last September, and so what her bridal shower happened last summer. It was still a great shower (and a great wedding, which will be another post), and I still want to share it with you. And working with a bunch of creative folk like Cheryl and her friends always makes these events super fun.

As much as Cheryl would have wanted to plan her own shower, her bridesmaids gave her one task only: choosing the theme. She chose the horse race scene from My Fair Lady as a design cue for the bridal shower, which was loosely translated as a “black and white” theme. The bridal party did a great job decorating the space, and I was tasked with baking some black and white items. How did we do? See the rest of the pictures after the jump.

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Kurogoma (Black Sesame) Shortbread Cookies


Guess what, y’all? Last Saturday, NYC raised $4644 for Peace Winds America/Japan in our Bake Sale for Japan! And the Bake Sales across the nation have raised over $120,000! I wasn’t as involved as I wish I could have been, but I hope my shortbread cookies helped raise a tiny sum towards this awesome amount. Another BIG thank you goes out to Lillian from Sweets by Sillianah and Celia from Cookbook Archaeology for coordinating a wonderfully run bake sale.

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