Strawberry Goat Cheese Tarts


If you’ve never had strawberries and goat cheese together, you are missing out on something magical. Now, if you happen to be allergic to strawberries (sorry sis!) or don’t have an affinity to goat cheese, then you may want to skip out on this post. I discovered this flavor combination back in 2008 at the Top Berry Luncheon where I first met food bloggers like Yvo. I loved the strawberry goat cheese tart served there, and I’ve been wanting to make these ever since.

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And just like that, summer is [edit: almost] over. I’ve had quite an adventure the past couple months, and I feel like I owe you all an explanation for my silence. Maybe I don’t owe you an explanation, because that makes it sounds like I’ve done something very wrong, but I’d like to reconnect with you as a reader of this blog. I appreciate that some of you check in with me and ask, “Have you been baking?” which I usually respond to by spewing excuse after excuse why I have not been baking. If you’ve asked me that question this summer, you might have gotten one (or all) of these answers:

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Peach Cobbler


Summer has come and gone, and it sure went by fast. My summer lacked the usual baking, due to the very little desire I had to actually turn on the oven. So what did I do? I grilled and I cooked. And grilled. Nothing encapsulates summer better than grilling, right? I’d go into the stories and recipes behind my summer food if this blog were called Talida Grills, but since this is Talida Bakes, I’ll stick with the baked goods.

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