Happy New Year!

My very thoughtful brother got me this fitting domain name for Christmas as I mentioned my desire to start a food blog. A little about me: my name is Talida, and I love to bake. My love for baking came by the influence of a few people in my life. First, my mom – growing up, she always baked our birthday cakes, never a store-bought cake. Second, one of the moms at church – she made the best banana nut bread in the world, and when I asked for the recipe, I was surprised to see sour cream in the ingredients. This sparked my interest in finding recipes and studying the combination of different ingredients. Lastly, one of my college roommates, Mel – we shared our loves of coffee and cooking. Mel inspired me just by the things she created, and I was motivated to find more creative recipes and to adapt already familiar recipes.

Well, one of my resolutions for 2007 is to bake more. Just as the ‘about me’ blurb says, somehow I know it’s meant to be more than just a hobby. Here’s my journey to find how I can transform this hobby of baking into something more. Enjoy, and welcome!

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