Mini Mocha Banana Muffins

The ladies at my church got together for a prayer breakfast last weekend, and I brought a mini version of these. I’ve baked a few times already this year, but so far it’s been all old recipes, explaining the lack of new posts. I’m pretty sure my schedule will continue to be tight until the wedding – I’m traveling for work for a couple weeks, and there’s a lot left to do before the wedding. Good news is, I’m not stressed! Neither is Tim. We’ve gotten so many comments on how it doesn’t seem like we’re getting married in under two months – we seem too calm for it to be that soon. I think we’re both just not losing focus on what’s important. At the end of March 8, we’ll be married regardless of the little details, so we make it a point not to sweat the small stuff. Yes, I know I’m saying this now.. I just hope I can still keep my cool in March.

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