Not Baking

First, a disclaimer. So far I’ve only posted when I bake new recipes, which definitely limits the frequency of my posts. I’ve decided to make exceptions to that rule every now and then, so I can beef this site up. On that note [or off that note, really] I’ve mentioned previously that I’m getting married in March. 43 days left. Am I nervous? Nah. Wish I had more time? Sure. Have I enjoyed planning? Heck yeah. Sometimes I wish I had a wedding blog to document my thoughts through the wedding planning process. That way I could actually contribute to the wedding blogosphere that I’m a big sidelines participant of.

Last night I went to the Real Simple + Crate and Barrel wedding event, and I had a lot of fun. I brought three friends, and we enjoyed munching and sipping the short time we were there. I felt a little stalkerish as I approached Vane from Brooklyn Bride (I found out who she was from another woman she was talking to), but was glad to finally be able to put a face to a … blog. 🙂 [hi vane!]

There, that was my first non-baking post, and it didn’t feel so wrong. I think I’ll try that again.

4 thoughts on “Not Baking

  1. i think you’re gonna suffer some serious withdrawal from that circle once you are married. you might surf around every now and then, but i imagine you wouldn’t stick around long. enjoy that part while it lasts! 🙂


  2. wait… so you DID blog about wedding stuff on your blog. which means this CAN count as a wedding blog. and who doesn’t enjoy their own blog (because if they didn’t, why would they bother?)… i think this means i got one more question (the one about your favorite wedding blog) right at your shower…


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