Paris Breakfasts

Next to family, breakfast is the most important thing. For all the walking Tim and I did, it was important to start our day right with a Parisian breakfast. While staying in the Montmartre area, we started our days with a cup of café crème* and either a pain au chocolat or a croissant. They were perfect; those flaky, buttery layers of pastry. I woke up every morning looking forward to the croissants.

On our last morning in Paris, we only had time to get breakfast because we had to make our way to the airport to catch an early afternoon flight. There were several things still left on our list of things to eat, so that morning we decided to forgo the simple croissant breakfast in search for a croque monsieur. We couldn’t go too far, so we walked around our hotel near the Porte Maillot station in the 17th arrondissement and knew we found our place when we saw a chalkboard sign advertising croque monsieur! The bistro was lovely, with chairs lined up to watch over Avenue de la Grande Armée; it made for a fine last meal in Paris.

We ordered a café crème each, and a croque monsieur for the monsieur and a croque madame for the madame. Tim ate all of his and half of mine, but that happens at most meals for us. They were fantastic sandwiches, and when eaten with some mustard, mmm, even better. I was satisfied, Tim was stuffed, and we were both happy.

Our last meal was at Tabac Le Maillot, and the name makes sense after I mention that there was a large tobacco stand in the bistro. Does it? I’m not sure. I’m just the girl who asked “Ou est la toilette?” properly but could not understand the response spoken back in rapid French. It turned out I had to pay 20 cents to use la toilette.

Tabac Le Maillot
78 Avenue de la Grande Armée
Paris, France 75017
01 45 74 41 42

*I’m italicizing words I like to pronounce the French way now. Please oblige me by doing the same.

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