Bouillon Racine

We dined at Bouillon Racine on our last night in Paris. The decor is absolutely gorgeous, but you will have to take my word for it since I only took photos of our dinner.

The previous night’s dinner was rather stressful (highlights of the story include a lost reservation and a piece of lamb flung towards the French woman next to me), so our dinner expectations we reset to enjoy anything as long as we were able to relax.

I read somewhere that Bouillon Racine serves lame and dreadful food, but as I just mentioned, we didn’t have high expectations so we enjoyed our dinner very much. This was our menu that night:

The soupe du jour was a carrot soup that was just lovely. I love all kinds of cooked carrots, and the creamy warmth of this soup was a big dose of comfort to me.

Tim ordered the pork rillettes that were flavored with Coteaux du Layon. Spreadable fatty pork? Who wouldn’t love some of that? I’d love to try to make it one day.

I had the tartare de boeuf as my entree. As a Texan, I like my steak bloody, and I also like it uncooked. It was a good tartare, though there wasn’t anything exceptional about it. And I would have preferred McDonald’s french fries over the pommes Pont Neuf that were served. Yes, I’m being serious.

Tim ordered the confit de canard, and he loved it. The small taste I had was great: crispy skin and juicy meat dripping with duck fat. Those mashed potatoes were so rich I could taste the butter and cream in it, but that makes it crazy delicious to me.

For dessert, I had the pear poached in red wine and spices. It was refreshing to just eat fruit at that point in the trip, but the pear was masked by all the spices, it wasn’t quite the same as eating my usual fresh fruit for dessert.

Tim ordered the crème brûlée flavored with maple syrup, and I will confess to what I’m sure everyone of you did while eating crème brûlée in Paris: I imagined being Amélie while delightfully cracking the shell with a silly smirk on my face. Admit it, you did it too! The crème brûlée was good, but we had a lavender flavored one the night before that sticks out as the better one.

Tim and I had our most relaxed meal at Bouillon Racine, and the food was pretty good. We were able to laugh about the meal we had the night before, and we learned fantastic food isn’t the only thing that makes a fantastic dinner. Company and conversation are even more important, and I had the best company and conversation in the world that night.

Bouillon Racine
3 Rue Racine
Paris, France 75006
01 44 32 15 60

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