Tina’s Bridal Shower

Last month, I had the privilege of helping out with a former roommate’s bridal shower. When the maid of honor (Tina’s sister) asked me if I’d like to make some dessert for the shower, I was honored to be asked and immediately said yes!

I’ve had many roommates in the past, and Tina is one of my favorites. Is she even better than my current one? Hmmm.. that’s a tough call. She cooked for me, sometimes cleaned up after me, was a great workout buddy, gave me tennis lessons, got me into baseball, and taught me a great deal about home style Taiwanese food. To bake for her bridal shower was my way of showing appreciation for her friendship and presence in my life.

Can you tell the bridal shower had a theme? Well it did, and the theme was Tina’s favorite things: the color yellow, the color white, and polka-dots. Cheryl did all the decorations and crafted together paper pom-poms, yarn pom-poms, paper banners, balloon banners, and strew paper circle cut-outs all around the apartment. She really transformed David’s apartment into a ray of sunlight. Update: Not that it wasn’t already wonderfully decorated by the groom..

How awesome is it that guests brought presents wrapped in the same style as the decorations? We made no kind of announcement or demands for this; Tina’s friends simply know what she likes.

Kelly, the maid of honor, took care of the food, and she prepared as many yellow foods as she could think of. We had tamago sushi, assorted cheese and crackers, corn salsa on tortilla chips, deviled eggs, a yellow vegetable platter, chicken salad sandwiches, and sweet potato fries. We had quite the assortment of food, and it looked great altogether.

In addition to this honey chocolate polka-dot cake, I made a few other desserts in the same theme, and I even brought back lemon and vanilla macarons from Ladurée in Paris. I’ll be sure to write more about the desserts in future posts, so check back next week!

Even more polka-dots! This is the only present picture I’m going to post. But let me say we certainly saw more white, yellow, and polka-dots among the presents.

The bridesmaids sent us home with these adorable pots of honey as shower favors. They skillfully tied various Burt’s Bees items to each honey pot with cute yellow yarn. I heard it was a great feat, so job well done, ladies.

And here the bride is with her lovely bouquet for the wedding rehearsal. Cheryl came prepared with her glue gun and craft supplies and made this fabulous gift wrap bouquet that could be fit for the actual wedding.

I can’t believe Tina will be marrying her fiancé David in just one week! The bridal shower was so bright and cheery, and I hope their wedding will be filled with even more sunshine. Congratulations, you two!

7 thoughts on “Tina’s Bridal Shower

  1. I think this was our best event yet. it was soooo fun to put together and it was so perfect for Tina. Talida! you have to send me pictures!! or at least just the few from this post in high res if its too many to send all.


  2. Definitely a beautiful, delicious, and fun bridal shower…. I was shocked when entering the apartment, and didn't want to take down the decoration for a long time! THANK YOU!!!That polka dot chocolate cake… so yuuummmmy!


  3. So beautiful! Talida, I miss your craftiness. These pictures make me look forward to the wedding even more. It's going to be awesome. Go Tina!


  4. Thanks for all the love! Cheryl and I had a great time putting this together for Tina.@Cheryl – I'll get the pictures to you!@mchan – How did your event go? I'd love to see pictures!


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