And just like that, summer is [edit: almost] over. I’ve had quite an adventure the past couple months, and I feel like I owe you all an explanation for my silence. Maybe I don’t owe you an explanation, because that makes it sounds like I’ve done something very wrong, but I’d like to reconnect with you as a reader of this blog. I appreciate that some of you check in with me and ask, “Have you been baking?” which I usually respond to by spewing excuse after excuse why I have not been baking. If you’ve asked me that question this summer, you might have gotten one (or all) of these answers:

“I’m going to Thailand!”
“I’m in Thailand!”
“I’m jet lagged!”
“I’m busy preparing for a company conference!”
“I’m at a company conference!”
“We’re getting ready to move!”
“We’re moving!”
“Well, we haven’t moved yet, but my stuff is in storage!”

That is the rundown of my summer. Tim and I flew to Bangkok for a family reunion, celebrating both of my grandmothers’ birthdays and eating nonstop. I’m saving those juicy details for another post. Right before we traveled to Southeast Asia, we found an apartment we love in Long Island City and signed a contract to buy it. And because our plans don’t always work out accordingly, we had to vacate our previous apartment before closing on the new apartment. Where am I living now, and where is my stuff?

Well, my gracious sister-in-law and her husband are letting us stay with them until we close, and our stuff is packed away in storage. We’re lucky to have them in our lives, and it’s been a lot of fun staying with them. Our two-week-long slumber party has consisted of playing Mafia II (Tim is really good at action-adventure games by the way), watching Mad Men, Skyping our parents, and most fun of all, playing with the silliest Yorkie-Poo I’ve ever met.

It’ll be bittersweet when we do close on our new place. I’ll get back to baking and you’ll see more posts from me, but then I won’t have a family of four to cook for, and I’ll also have to say goodbye to this adorable little guy. Woof!

3 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Hey Talida and Tim! Congratulations! The new apartment in Long Island is such great news! I can't wait to hear about your adventures over the summer!


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