Happy 2011!

And it’s January 1, 2011.


In addition to wishing y’all a Happy New Year, I’d like to take a moment to wish this little blog a Happy 4th Birthday. Or are we calling them blogiversaries? Whatever we’re calling it, it’s been 4 years of documenting my baking adventures with lots of breaks in between. I’ve said this before, but my resolution for the year is to blog more. And this year I really mean it. I want to share more kitchen creations as well as food experiences with y’all. I love the food blogging community, and I want to stay active among a great group of people. I still have a pile of posts from last year to publish, so I’ll be working through those first.

I’ll spend the next couple days organizing my thoughts and photos, but I plan on kicking the year off with an exciting giveaway tomorrow, so stay tuned!

*Tim and I didn’t really celebrate this blogiversary with a cake; that was one of his birthday cakes from this year, and the photo was taken by Josh, an old Texan buddy of mine who’s living in NYC for the year!

5 thoughts on “Happy 2011!

  1. Happy blogiversary and happy new year, talida! =) Whenever my RSS reader lets me know you updated, i get a little excited! Looking forward to more posts!


  2. Happy "Talida Bakes" Birthday! Four years – wow. That's a feat. I am looking forward to more posts and inspiration from your kitchen!


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