Irene and Radishes

What’s on everybody’s mind right now? Irene. Just like the Californians are proud of their expertise on earthquakes, I guess I’m the same way with hurricanes. Oh come on, I was almost named after Alicia because she hit Texas while I was in my mother’s womb. (Thanks, Mom and Dad, for not naming me after a natural disaster!)

In preparation for the storm, I brought my little container garden indoors and decided to harvest some radishes that I’ve been growing since late spring.

But.. what was this? Why did my radishes have to turn out so weird-looking? I chose to grow radishes because everyone told me how easy they were to grow. So easy that they’re a popular choice for children’s gardens. Well, they sure grew easily, but I suppose I should have followed instructions better. I must have not spaced them out properly because they obviously did not have room to grow to be fat little radishes.

Oh, but it was still tasty. Sliced, on buttered toast with a touch of salt.

Here’s a shot of some Australian rock candy that the radish reminded me of. (Thanks for the candy, Tan!)

Times like these make me glad I’m part of an awesome CSA like Holton Farms. I know it’s too late this season to join, but if you’re looking for a flexible CSA (not ironic, this one is!) then definitely consider them for next season. It’s been a real treat this summer to get farm-fresh vegetables of my choice delivered close by my office.

Wherever you are this weekend, I pray you and your family stay safe through the storm. I also pray that it doesn’t turn out as bad as we think. Usually that’s the case, but that’s one bet I’m not willing to take. Stay safe, friends!

2 thoughts on “Irene and Radishes

    1. Thanks Esther!! Hope you’re staying safe this weekend too!

      And the funny little radishes even started growing radish pods! I’ll see how those taste later on.


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