The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

Last week I posted about the cashew shortbread cookies that I sent out for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, and now I’d like to share about the lovely batches of cookies I received from my cookie swap partners! All three dozen cookies were some variation of a chocolate chip cookie, and you gals couldn’t have planned it better.

When it comes to favorites, I tend to stick to the classics. If I could only have one ice cream flavor and one cookie for the rest of my life, I would be perfectly happy with chocolate ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. So three dozen chocolate chip cookies sent to my house was perfect.

I first received Caitlin’s chocolate chip cookies with buckwheat groats, a textured spin on my favorite cookie. I really enjoyed the crunch of the groats and appreciated having a fiberful cookie among the mix.

Next, I got Meg’s double mint chocolate chip cookies packaged in a festive box adorned with a Santa’s hat! I love baking (and eating) mint chocolate chip cookies around the holidays, so this was great to have around.

Lastly, I found Sarah’s carefully packed candy cane chocolate chip cookies waiting for me Saturday morning. And much to my surprise, she also sent along a taste of the South in the form of hush puppy mix! What a sweetheart! She used candy cane coal from Trader Joe’s in this cookie recipe, and as a fellow TJ’s lover, I have yet another product to add to the list. 🙂

Thanks again to Julie and Lindsay for organizing the swap, and thank you Cait, Meg, and Sarah for the wonderful cookies!

Also check out the other bloggers I got to send my cashew shortbread cookies to: Susan of Happy Hippie, Kody of It’s Kody with a K, and Jillian of Sprinkle Massacre.

If you didn’t get to participate this year, don’t fret because there’s always next year! Sign up here to get updates about next year’s swap. Don’t wait.. the holidays will just sneak up on us again.

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