Dear Friends,

Long time no blog… again. In these past months, there were times when a lot was going on, and then there were moments when I had the time (but not the capacity) to publish my posts. If I still have any readers out there (maybe a few of you?), here’s what’s been going on.

Back in April, I was forced to take a break from everything due to a health issue – it wasn’t anything terribly awful, but it was serious enough to take me out for a month. Looking back, I can’t believe that was already three months ago, but thanks be to God, all is well with my health now, and it was a blessing to have found true rest that month. Around mid-April, I also started my container garden from seeds of radishes, Thai basil, purple basil, sweet basil, lavender, Thai chili peppers, and sunflowers.

In May, I took my new perspective on rest and did my best to incorporate it into my previously nonstop life. I was back at work, but I tried to spend most my time at home. I was back to cooking (but not baking), and after helping organize our church’s annual Memorial Day Picnic, my involvement with various events increased, and so did the pace of life.

Then with June came the rainy weather as well as a downpour of work busyness. My container garden grew and loved all the rain, but my work days also grew longer as I kept busy with different clients in NJ and CT. Luckily during long commutes, I got the chance to plan my upcoming Asia trip and began learning Katakana so I’ll have some hope in getting around Tokyo.

Which leads me to today. Today I’m packing my bags and getting ready for my 16-day trip to Tokyo, Thailand, and Taiwan. I’ve never been to Japan before, and in all the research I’ve done about Tokyo, to say I’m excited is an immense understatement. Three days in Tokyo is barely enough to get a taste of the city, but it’s all we could spare in our family-centric trip. We’ve got at least four upcoming family gatherings, set in Bangkok and all over Taiwan, and we’ll have seen over 60 relatives at the end of these two weeks.

I will be documenting this trip in detail, so I promise you’ll be seeing updates from me once I’m back from my trip. And then once I’m rested, I’ll try to get back to baking and blogging regularly shortly after that. But until then..

またね! สวัสดี ค่ะ! 再見!

With love,

5 thoughts on “Whereabouts

  1. aw, talida… i’m sorry to hear you haven’t been well but am glad that you have recovered. i hope you have a restful, fun, and food-filled trip! and a blessed time with family. i definitely hope to make it to japan and thailand soon — those are on the top of my list! so i’m very much looking forward to your updates!


  2. It’s such a joy to read your writing again. We are so thankful that we were able to share a part of your Asian trip. You are a great company and encourager.


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