Happy 2016!

Happy New Year!
How have you been? I hope you’ve been well, and I’m actually shocked there is somehow somebody still checking this site.
I’m sorry, I never introduced my twin daughters, Cassis Lydia Chen (陳恩惠) and Violet Sophie Chen (陳慈愛) born December 10, 2014. They turned one year old last month, and I didn’t even post then. I drop some pictures on Instagram and on Facebook now and then, but I never followed up on my last post which was my pregnancy announcement.
Well, here is a snapshot of Violet (L) and Cassis (R) when they were two days old. Their names are inspired by macarons and Lydia from Acts (Chinese names are from Psalms 23:6), but we call Cassis “Cassie” with a very American accent.

This is us at their birthday party. I baked their birthday cakes, and they loved it! It was my proudest baking moment of the year.
And here’s another one of them by our Christmas tree. I will dress them in matching Christmas jammies as long as I can get away with it!
One year flew by so fast, and I did write a few blog posts but I never published them. Mostly because I didn’t want to start a mommy blog or overshare my girls’ poop stories. But mothering did overwhelm my life. I put a lot of things on hold to care for them, and most of me loves it. I say most because there is absolutely a part of me that misses my old job, wishes I were planning more weddings, and still feels bad for missing out on things in general. But God chose to give us twins, and if He thinks we can handle this, then I will take joy in that fact and enjoy the present(s). Bad pun, sorry.
One question I get a lot is, “Have you been baking?” The answer is yes, and it’s been the same answer for a couple years now. I bake solely for my own comfort. I have not signed up for any Mad-Hatter-Crazy-Bakers groups nor have I taken on any events that I did not volunteer for first. I baked oodles of lactation cookies during the time I was nursing, and now I’m back to regular chocolate chip cookies with some matcha mochi sprinkled in.
Today is this blog’s 9th anniversary (wow!), so will I post more? Perhaps. I honestly don’t feel the same motivation for blogging as I did in the beginning. The Talida that’s writing today is a very different Talida that started this blog. Looking back at what I wrote and baked feels so distant. Part of me wants to wipe it clean and start fresh, but then I realize that this blog’s journey is still part of me.
The more I bake, the more I realize I have so much to learn. That goes for everything in life really. It’s humbling, a little embarassing, but mostly motivating for me to continue learning at every stage in life.
So for now I will keep this domain alive, and I may post a project or story now and then, but unfortunately no promises on regularity. Until then, I’ll catch you on Instagram or good ol’ email. Happy 2016, folks.

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