Blueberry Pancakes

I don’t think I’m alone when I claim breakfast is my favorite meal. I’ve frequently referred to Saturday Mornings on this blog being all about waking up to hearing my dad sing songs by The Beatles (sometimes John Denver or Elvis) and a hot breakfast made by my mom, and those memories are what makes me cherish breakfast so much. Well, I’m luck to get one of those this weekend with my parents visiting this weekend! We’ll be watching some tennis, listening to Elvis and a few other guys, and we’ll be sure to have plenty of hot breakfast (and other foods) to share as a family.

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Baked French Toast

TGIF! I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend because I am so tired right now. When I left my building this morning, the doorman and I exchanged greetings, but he added in a “You look like you don’t wanna go.” So true, so true. One of the best parts about the weekends are Saturday mornings. I mentioned my association of my dad singing to Saturday mornings in the wedding post, but I loved them generally because it was family time. Mom always cooked some sort of hot breakfast, and we’d all enjoy the beginning of the weekend in our own way, be it reading the news (or the comics), playing guitar, or just eating. But the important part was that we were together. I mention to Tim that I’d love for our family to have those Saturday mornings together, and I’m so glad he agrees because…