Hello and welcome! I’m Talida, and yes, I bake. I also do many other things, but I’ve created this site to focus on all the ways I use baking and the gift of hospitality to serve family, friends, and the community around me.

Here at Talida Bakes, I write mostly around recipes I’ve adapted and events/weddings I help out with. I’m also available for custom catering or event/wedding planning, so please contact me if you’re at all interested in any of the work I’ve done.

I hope you enjoy my little space in the blogosphere. Please leave a comment or contact me with questions relating to food or anything else! I thrive on your feedback, and I love connecting with other people through common interests.

*Yes, that’s a picture of me with Kiefer Sutherland that was captured with an old WinMo phone. We were at a local bar, his girlfriend went out for a smoke, and I couldn’t resist bothering him. And now I am sharing it with the world.


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